Rembrandt's old soldier

This is the finished final version of my hommage to Rembrandt's old soldier.

Kim HM Artist - Portrait Painting Pt 2

I found it almost a shame to continue from the first base work. I liked it's minimalistic expression, but the purpose of this exercise is to learn the technique and then break away from what I've learned to stay true to my own "thing".

Dubai International Art Centre Expo 2017

I am happy to announce that I received first prize certification for my art at this year's Dubai International Art Centre Expo, in the category of Professional Art.

Kim HM Artist - Portrait Painting

Since art school, I have not worked on any portraits. Now, by chance I am relearning all the old masters secrets and tricks in portrait painting. It's really fascinating and I am loving every moment of it. I will share more as I progress until it is finished. This is just a base work for now. 

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Kim is a professional French registered artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts after studying for 5 years and is a Belgian national now living in Dubai. 

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t: +971 56 697 9770